It was a large-scale thing in the past eight months – finally, the urbanistic masterplan for the Innovation Campus Lemgo has been definited. It builds the basic for the development of the campus for the following ten years and unites the urbanistic planning with flanking key projects.The goals: the attractiveness of the campus has to be increased, the amount of the established companies and employees in firms and research institutes has to be multiplied and Lippe has to be positioned to an national innovation center in the area of digital economy.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

thanks to your support during the whole participation process, the plans of the urbanistic masterplan Innovation Campus Lemgo had been substantaited continual. Within the framework of a final work exhibition, the next step in the participation progress is pending.

The public presentation of the Urbanistic Masterplan will be on Wednesday, the 14th of June 2017, from 18:30 until 20:00 o’clock. This time in the Lipperlandhalle.

An important step of the elaboration of the Urbanistic Masterplan about the Innovation Campus Lemgo was set by realizing the planning workshop in the Centrum Industrial IT (CIIT) as well as in the SmartFactoryOWL on the 4th of May 2017.

The next meeting for the planning workshop will be on Thursday, the 04th of May. This time in the SmartFactoryOWL's premises. The first part will be non-public, followed by a public part.

On the 01. and 02. of March as well as on 03. and 04. of April 2017, intensive discussions with all important actors of the Innovation Campus Lemgo took place on the campus in Centrum Industrial IT (CIIT). Students and staff of the university, agents of the vocational college, citizens, residents and interested people, leading authorities of research and economy as well as employees of city and district administration and more public interested parties discussed, advised and developed all together.

With the planned Innovation Campus Lemgo, a new chapter of urban planning on the university location will be opened. As a campus for leading-edge technology, the Innovation Campus Lemgo aims to link research, education and economy.

Within the framework of a workshop procedure, the future urbanistic image of the campus - the masterplan - should be worked out by all important actors in the following weeks. To this, we would like to invite especially interested citizens near the campus.

The ministry of economics subsidize the Innovation Campus Lemgo with 3,8 million euros for the 'Lernfabrik 4.0', to strengthen the vocational education in the area digitization in Lippe.

LZ Article 10.12.2016

On the national conference "Deutschland intelligent vernetzt" (Germany networked in an intelligent way), Markus Rempe from Lippe Bildung eG emphasized the meaning and potentials of the digitization on the educational area.

The first concept ideas for the development of the areas for the Innovation Campus Lemgo are discussed intensively. A small exhibition in CENTRUM INDUSTRIAL IT (CIIT) shows the plans, which were worked out by the frankfurter architectural/ planning office tobeSTADT.

The new middle of the University, 18th of November

The architectural/ planning office tobeStadt proposes a central building next to extensive squares, boulevards and meadows. According to the plans, the Tonkuhlen-Grove(Tonkuhlen-Wäldchen) should be remain unchanged.


29.10.2016 Opening event: The future for the Innovation Campus Lemgo has begun

The visitors and organisers of the opening event in the CIIT (Centrum Industrial IT) agreed about the fact, that the history of digital economy will be made on the Innovation Campus Lemgo. The ambitious goal: in the following ten years, the number of residental companies, employees and research facilities will be multiplied. This will position Lippe in the area of digital economy into a national innovation center.

26.10.2016 Three Words one Goal

Lemgo has to provide leadership on a nationwide level. Education and research, science and culture have to be connected on Lüttfeld. The first steps are taken.

In the meeting on the 27.06.2016, the county council commissioned county commissioner Dr. Axel Lehmann to prepare the foundation of a development company i.S. of the feasibility study from agiplan, and to take the necessary steps. Dr. Klaus Schafmeister has to coordinate and manage the office.

Feasibility study

The Styleguide of the Innovation Campus Lemgo offers a lot opportunities for sundry uses. The Styleguide and more Informations about possible are available under the following link.