The busline 790 connects Detmold and Lemgo already twice a day. But it's going to be much better: there will be the socalled CampusExpress in the core time between 8 am and 4 pm, which will drive hourly. With only very few stops, CampusExpress will go directly from the station in Detmold to the Innovation Campus Lemgo and back. This way, the University and the Lüttfeld are much better connected and way faster reachable. The route from the station Detmold to the Innovation Campus Lemgo will only take 23 minutes. The drive will be continued over the Breite Straße to the station Lemgo.

Achim Oberwöhrmeier, director of the Municipal Transport Company Lippe (Kommunale Verkehrsgesellschaft Lippe mbH): 'The connection has always been accepted very well and has been used by a lot of commuters. Currently we see the dynamic development and would like to position ourself advantageously for the future with the CampusExpress.'
'With the different lines on the busline 790, we will cover the needs optimally. This way, a faster connection as well as a developing function will be fulfilled.', so Achim Oberwöhrmeier. On the Bunsenstraße will be an additional stop to be right in the middle as well. When the new car park has been established, the Mobility-Hotspot will be built right on this stop. Additionally to the train connections, the Innovation Campus Lemgo will be attached perfectly. County Commissioner Dr. Axel Lehmann: 'The new drives are a big win for students, pupils and all employees right at and around the campus.'

Christoph Lünser from the go.on company for bus and rail transport mbH: 'The CampusExpress will of course be equipped with the latest technics. As soon as the new ordered bus arrives, all of the passengers will be able to connect to a free WLAN.' A handy pocket timetable summarises all informations of the whole busline 790 clearly, which is available at the Infothek (05261-6673950, as well as at the bus driver. The new drives are also integrated online (