An important step of the elaboration of the Urbanistic Masterplan about the Innovation Campus Lemgo was set by realizing the planning workshop in the Centrum Industrial IT (CIIT) as well as in the SmartFactoryOWL on the 4th of May 2017.

Within the framework of a presentation, the strategy's current status and the results of the past impuls discussions were introduced to single groups of actors. Afterwards, the participants discussed about all project ideas of the collected topics Free Space, Mobility, CampusLife, Service, CityCampus and the idea of a multifunctional Hybrid-Building.

Aside from the definition of first spatial requirements of these ideas, the past work added up to a prioritization of essencial key projects about all named ropics. From the autors' and all groups of users' view, the selection of the projects had, because of the important interface function as multiplier/use, a particularly importance for the campus' development.

In the following process, the results of the planning workshop will be coordinated and incorporated. As part of a publix work exhibition, the presentation of the masterplan will be in June 2017.