26.10.2016 Three Words one Goal

Lemgo has to provide leadership on a nationwide level. Education and research, science and culture have to be connected on Lüttfeld. The first steps are taken.

Innovation Campus Lemgo - these three words are discribing one goal: Lemgo has to provide leadership on a nationwide level. On the campus, education and research, science and culture have to be connected - spacial as well as textually, pupils and students, trainee and professors, crafts and researchers all together. This campus will be an unique combination in NRW. District manager Dr. Klaus Schafmeister refered to the benefit of all. The Lüttfeld has grown bit for bit for decades. Today, the university teaches 3700 students. The Lüttfeld-College as well as the Hanse-College are attended by 4000 young people. Then there are the CIIT (Centrum Industrial IT), the Fraunhofer-Institute, the SmartFactoryOWL, the Lippe Bildung eG, the schools of the district and the Lipperlandhalle with all its congress rooms - all these establishments are close to each other. Schafmeister: "we want to make the knowledge-based informations of the digital economy permeable. An efficient eco system for innovations has to be created."

So why should vocational college students not take part in seminars of the university, why should students not be bound more to the CIIT, why should not all do sport or party together in the Lipperlandhalle? All fields will be upgrated. New connections will be created, new squares will be established, even a new parking garage will be built. Schafmeister's promise: the campus will be past all recognation in ten years.

Since eight and a half years, the "Forschungs- und Bildungsmeile Lüttfeld" is under way, The new designed boulevard from the old Opel-Möllner-Kreuzung up to the new Bunsenstraße had been reopened in June. The redesign costs about 2,2 Million Euro. Its a shourt way from the train-stop to the campus. For Schafmeister, this is the first step to raise the attractiveness of the campus's entree. He reminds on a visit of the ministe rof Transport, Michael Groschek, in Lemgo, who showed big interest. On the future forum Lippe in April, Groschek as well as the Minister Garrelt Duin and Svenja Schulze praised the project as 'one of the most important future projects in Lippe, with radiance and reference development for the whole of NRW'.

Good contacts from Lippe to Düsseldorf are important to coordinate the acquisition of the means of conveyance - different funds from countries, state and europe are in prospect. This is also applicable to the by district Lippe planned 'Lernfabrik 4.0', which must bundle the cooperation of all vocational colleges, the university and the economy. The project manager refered to the commercial and regional possibilities. With a view to the CIIT, the SmartFactoryOWL and the Innovationcenter Dörentrup, the interaction with the economy was financed without anyy fiscal means. This way, an unique ecosystem for digital economy will arise in the aspiring technology region OWL.