29.10.2016 Opening event: The future for the Innovation Campus Lemgo has begun

The visitors and organisers of the opening event in the CIIT (Centrum Industrial IT) agreed about the fact, that the history of digital economy will be made on the Innovation Campus Lemgo. The ambitious goal: in the following ten years, the number of residental companies, employees and research facilities will be multiplied. This will position Lippe in the area of digital economy into a national innovation center.

For this, the framework, which is enabled by close cooperations between economy, the district Lippe, the Lüttfeld's institutions and the city of Lemgo and its financed through subsidies from the country has to be correct.

District president Marianne Thomann-Stahl named the top cluster 'IT's OWL' as example for successful cooperation between middle class and university: Innovation Campus Lemgo opens up great perspectives for the future skilled workers as well as for the sustainable strengthening ofthe domestic business location.

This way, an unique ecosystem will rise in the aspiring technology region, which will both national and international rise its profile with regard to development, application of the top region and qualification of the relevant skilled employees - bundled up at the campus.

Country Commissioner Dr. Axel Lehmann clearified the uniqueness of this project: "the Innovation Campus Lemgo will be an unique selling point in the nationwide educational landscape. The new quarter includes vocational education, science and economy, and builds a huge opportunity for Lippe. It proves the fact that we all pull together to make our region assured for a good future."

The factors vocational education, science and economy have to be connected at the campus to develop the business location OWL in a future-proof way. This also includes investments in infrastructure. Because of the persuation of the Innovation Campus Lemgo, mayor of Lemgo, Dr. Reiner Austermann, and district Lippe together, will continue to incest for more infrastructure measures and a new parking garage.

Within a planning workshop, the concrete spacial development steps will be organized to one masterplan, which will determine the comprehensive structural framework conditions of the campus.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Witte, vice president for science and technology transfer of the University of Applied Sciences OWL, is sure that the Innovation Campus Lemgo will reach far beyond the borders of Ostwestfalen-Lippe: the goal is to strengthen the University of Applied Sciences OWL and the sustainability of the whole region. Education and science, innovation and production as well a urban culture will get an optimal surrounding to get stronger supra-regional radiance.

Manager of the office Innovation Campus Lemgo, Dr. Klaus Schafmeister, mentioned the engagement of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Jasperneite (Fraunhofer Application Center IOSB-INA), which is important for the positive development. New development paths had been shown over and over again, which enabled innovation of the digital economy, often in relation to regional products.

Frank Stührenberg, chairman of the management of Phoenix Contract, emphasized the relevance between these regional references and the established economic enterprises. Phoenis Contact already invester a lot in the development of the campus and will still play a significant role in the future.