The next meeting for the planning workshop will be on Thursday, the 04th of May. This time in the SmartFactoryOWL's premises. The first part will be non-public, followed by a public part.

From 17:00 until 19:00 o'clock, we would like to discuss the current status of the urbanistic planning with the actors of the impuls discussions as well as we would like to prepare the leading projects. These concrete projects will constitute important frameworks for the implementation period and serve as catalysts for the future campus development. The project ideas are results of the dialogs with different groups of actors during the impuls discussions. The planning workshop will provide the framework to connect all actors, work out synergies and start active in the implementation period all together.

From 19:30 o'clock, all results of the workshop will be presented and discussed in a public plenum. All citizens and other interested people are invited to join the public presentation of the results.