It was a large-scale thing in the past eight months – finally, the urbanistic masterplan for the Innovation Campus Lemgo has been definited. It builds the basic for the development of the campus for the following ten years and unites the urbanistic planning with flanking key projects.The goals: the attractiveness of the campus has to be increased, the amount of the established companies and employees in firms and research institutes has to be multiplied and Lippe has to be positioned to an national innovation center in the area of digital economy.

On the 14th of June, the planning team tobeSTADT introduced the masterplan, which arised from a wide participation process. The heart of the plan is the definition of construction fields and free spaces,to create fields with special quality of free time in the following development and settling more research institutes and companies. Center stage takes the „New Middle“ – a free square in central location. The proposed „hybride-building“ has to include a central contant point for informations about the campus, meeting places like cafés and an educational institution as well as spaces for showcases for projects about education, research and development, exhibition of students‘ works and an open FabLab with workshops. This way, the recognition value of the campus as well as the attractiveness of the whole quarter will be increased noticeable.

Dr. Reiner Austermann, major of Lemgo: the urbanistic planning process focused on two core aspects: the development of the campus and a better connection between the campus areal and the historic old town. As Lemgos‘ major, the second aspect seems very important for Austermann. From his view, the key for a long-term future of Lemgo lies exactly there. According to the masterplan, the connection between city and campus can succeed on the one hand with better mobility offers, for example with a mobility haven, on the other hand with attractive boulevards and the spacial continuation of the mile of research and education.

 District president Marianne Thomann-Stahl: whole OWL has got some benefits from the Innovation Campus Lemgo. The Campus is able to be established in the region by the future development of the digital economy as growth engine for companies and the society. The Regionale „Das neue UrbanLand“ 2022 in OWL arrives just at time to implement the project more.

County Commissioner Dr. Axel Lehmann emphazised the importance of the project as well: With the Innovation Campus Lemgo, we got an unique selling point in the nationwide educational landscape. The new quarter includes vocational training, science and economy. Therefore, it is a core element of our regional innovation strategy.

Professor Jürgen Krahl, president of the University of Applied Sciences OWL, is sure about the strenghtening of the international visibleness by the Innovation Campus Lemgo: the interdisciplinary connection between education and science, innovation and production as well as city- and regionalculture on the campus promotes the quality of all the results. This way, we can get young talented people from OWL, Germany but also from the whole world to Lemgo and hold them in the region furthermore. Planned key projects like culture on the campus, campus sport and an open-air-stage boost this attractiveness additional.

Citizens, staff of the univesity, city and district, students and actors from science, education and politic grappled with ideas and leading projects for the Innovation Campus Lemgo in numerous workshops for the past twelf months. With the presentation of the masterplan, the previous phase of the participation progress is completed. The framework for the upcoming buildings has now to be clarified and formalized. In a parallel progress, the textual plannings will go on and the masterplan will be updated with the pending developments. The large ideas and projects have to be filled with life.

Find the Masterplan here